Rental terms


Rental terms

Below are our rental terms described for renting the main building

Rental Conditions Applicable to 2021

These rental conditions apply to the rental agreement entered into between Lystskoven and the tenant. Supplements to the rental agreement are only valid if they are in writing.

1. Rental period

The arrival and departure times stated on the rental certificate are valid at all times. The rental certificate contains information on when Lystskoven is ready to move in and when Lystskoven must be left in a tidy condition.

2. Lystskoven

2.1 Size of the house

The specified m² size of the house is calculated on the basis of the plinth’s external dimensions and appears on the rental certificate. The rental certificate also indicates which rooms and areas will have the right to dispose of and for what period.

2.2 Number of participants

The pleasure forest and the associated land may at all times be inhabited by a maximum of the number of adults, young people and children aged 3-11 years, the house is made available and paid for (see number in the rental certificate). Children under 3 years are not included in the total number, as the tenant must bring a cot / chair and possibly linens. If the house or plot is inhabited by more people than the maximum permitted on the rental certificate, Lystskoven has the right to expel or collect payment for these without notice. This can be deducted from the deposit or sent subsequently on invoice. If the tenant does not comply with such expulsion, Lystskoven has the right to terminate the rental agreement with immediate effect and without further notice to expel all guests without refund of rent.

2.3 Other tenants in the property

The pleasure forest can be rented in whole or in part. It will appear in the rental certificate whether there is an exclusive right over Lystskoven during the rental period. The pleasure forest is not rented out to youth groups or on New Year’s Eve.

2.4 Tents and caravans

It is forbidden to set up tents, caravans, stalls, exhibitions and the like on or near the grounds. The pleasure forest has the right to demand that these be removed immediately. If the tenant does not comply with such an instruction immediately, Lystskoven has the right to terminate the lease agreement with immediate effect and without further notice to expel all residents without refund of rent. It is forbidden to drive on the lawn.

2.5 Pets and allergies

Pets are not allowed in the main building, but can be allowed in selected rooms. However, the pleasure forest cannot guarantee that no domestic animals have stayed in the house before. Lystskoven assumes no responsibility for the tenant’s allergic reactions.

2.6 Noise

Tenants can unexpectedly be exposed to noise from neighbors, festivals, traffic or the like. The pleasure forest cannot be held responsible for noise nuisance.

After 6 p.m. 23:00 doors and windows must be closed and music may only be played indoors thereafter.

2.7 Fireworks, bonfire / grill and smoking

All forms of fireworks are strictly forbidden on the grounds. Smoking is prohibited indoors and tenants can be charged for extra cleaning when smoking indoors as well as payment of DKK 6,700 for calls from the Fire Brigade. All living rooms are connected to automatic fire alarm system (ABA). Bonfires are only allowed on the campfire site to the south. When setting up a barbecue, a respectable distance of 10 meters must be maintained for all buildings.

2.8 Energy

The pleasure forest will be pre-heated to approx. 15 degrees in the period from November 1st to March 31st.

3. Prices, payments, security deposit

All prices are stated in DKK (Danish kroner) unless otherwise stated. Price for renting the main building or the main building and rooms is stated VAT-free.

The order is binding immediately, no matter how the order is placed.

When the tenant’s order has been registered, Lystskoven sends a confirmation of the rental agreement, and the rental amount is charged in one or two installments, cf. below. Rental certificate will be sent when the full rental amount has been paid.

3.1 Payment

When booking 45 days before the start of the lease or earlier, the following applies:

1. rate of 25% of the total rental price is due for payment immediately and must be received by Lystskoven no later than 8 days after the order has been placed.

2. rate, which constitutes the remaining payment of 75%, is due no later than 45 days before the start of the lease and must be received by Lystskoven no later than this time.

If the payment terms are not complied with, this is considered a default and Lystskoven is thus entitled to terminate the lease agreement without notice, but will if possible notify the tenant before termination. A termination / cancellation of the lease agreement does not release the tenant from the obligation to pay rent, and the relationship is regulated in accordance with the rules on cancellation in pkt. 4.1

Unless otherwise stated, the rental amount is excl. consumption of electricity, gas and water.

3.2 Deposit

Lystskoven is entitled to charge a deposit, which is charged together with the 2nd installment of the payment. The deposit, which serves as security for the tenant’s obligations, is returned no later than 2 weeks after the end of the lease, when a satisfactory inspection of Lystskoven has been carried out. The deposit serves to secure energy consumption as well as in case of any damage to the house. The size of the deposit is stated in the rental certificate. Possibly. damages will be deducted before refund. Should the value of the above set-off exceed the deposit amount, the excess amount will be charged to the tenant.

4. Cancellation, changes, cancellation

4.1 Cancellation

A cancellation can only be made in writing, and is only valid from the day it is received by Lystskoven.

4.2 Changes

Lystskoven accepts, as far as possible, a rebooking of the original lease until the 45th day before the original lease. Any rebooking of the original rental agreement from the 45th day before moving in onwards will be considered a cancellation.

The rent for the main building is calculated according to the number of people listed on the rental certificate, it is not possible to change the number of guests and rooms from the 45th day before moving in.

Specifically in relation to Corona: If cancellation occurs on the basis of an order from the authorities, which directly prohibits assemblies above a given number, and the event is thus affected by this, the event can be canceled at no cost to the tenant.

4.2 Cancellation

Up to 90 days before the start of the lease: A cancellation fee of 25% of the rent is calculated

89 – 45 days before the start of the lease: A cancellation fee of 50% of the rent is calculated

Later than 45 days before the start of the lease: The rent is withheld 100%.

5. Furnishings, final cleaning and waste

In Lystskoven there is a complete furniture list, which includes all loose furniture on the property. Upon arrival, the tenant is asked to ensure that all furniture on the list is actually present. If there is a lack of furniture, the landlord must be contacted immediately.

Tenant is responsible for everything on the inventory list.

At the start of the lease, you should check that all building construction, fixed and loose furniture and appliances and service are intact and / or are listed. You can check for the provided Inventory List, which will be carefully reviewed with you on the day you pick up the key.

If there are discrepancies in relation to the inventory list, something is missing, there is damage, or the room has not been cleaned satisfactorily, this must be reported to Lystskoven immediately and no later than one hour after handing over keys. After this hour, the Forest of Pleasure is considered taken over by you without comment.

Tenant is obliged to leave the house in tidy condition, as well as furniture set as at the time of takeover. An ordered cleaning does not release the tenant from the obligation to do the dishes, empty the fridge, and clean up in and around Lystskoven before the rental ends.

The use of nails, screws, drawing pins, tape and the like on furniture and building parts is NOT permitted. Damage after these is deducted from the deposit.

You must leave tables, chairs and other furniture in the same layout as when taking over the room. Must have tables, chairs, etc. relocate, LIFT these, and do not pull across the floor as it leaves marks that cannot be removed. If the floor is damaged, the cost of this treatment will be deducted from your deposit.

5.1 Waste

Tenants’ waste must only be disposed of in the containers designated for this purpose, and this must be done in closed plastic bags. It is forbidden to place waste next to the container, and if there is no space in it, the tenant must arrange for the removal of additional waste. This also applies to cardboard / wooden boxes and the like. bulky waste. Violation of this will result in removal at the tenant’s expense, and the cost of this will be deducted from the deposit.

6. Damage

The tenant must treat the rented property properly, and the tenant must hand over the rented property in the same condition as at the transfer, with the exception of general deterioration due to wear and tear. The tenant is liable to Lystskoven for the damage to Lystskoven and / or its furniture, which occurs during the rental period and which is caused by the tenant himself or others who have been given access to the rented property by the tenant. Damage to Lystskoven and its furniture, which occurs during the rental period, must be reported to Lystskoven immediately. Any liability only covers direct financial damage. Lystskoven cannot be held liable for indirect damage (consequential damage) or damage of a non-economic nature (ideal damage).

7. Tingsted

Tingsted is the jurisdiction in which Lystskoven and the legislation of the country in question apply.

8. Unusual events

8.1 Force Majeure

If the implementation of the lease, due to circumstances / force majeure e.g. war, natural and pollution disasters, drought, other unusual weather conditions, epidemics, border closures, traffic conditions, cessation of foreign exchange trading, strikes, lockouts and similar force majeure that could not be foreseen at the conclusion of the lease, are not possible or significantly hampered, Lystskoven is justified to cancel the lease agreement, as Lystskoven cannot be held liable in the said case. By force majeure, the pleasure forest is entitled to cover all costs incurred in connection with the termination of the lease.

8.2 Responsibility

Lystskoven can not be held responsible in case of pests, insect infestation on the house or the plot, as well as in case of theft, damage or the like, which relates to the property and possibly. prevents tenant arrangement.

9. Other information

9.1 Changes to Terms

If the tenant enters into a special written agreement with Lystskoven, which in one or more areas deviates from the normal rental conditions, Lystskogen’s other rental conditions are not hereby revoked.


The pleasure forest is rented out in the order in which it is reserved and paid for.


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